Our Appointment System




Did you know it is not always necessary for you to contact the GP when you have a medical issue?

The practice has researched alternative services available for you to use within the NHS or free of charge that can benefit you more than going to see a GP.

Throughout our website, you are given the opportunity to help yourself with a variety of issues and we encourage patients to explore these options before requesting to speak to a GP.

Our Medical Receptionsists have been trained with GPs and other external companies to signpost patients if they feel you can benefit from being seen by an alternative Healtcare provider.

What if I cannot find a service to help me?

If the alternative options cannot deal with your issue, then the practice requests for an online consultation to be completed, click here to be directed to the website. This allows you to include what you have already tried and avoid duplication of treatment. This can be found further on this page.

What if I have already spoken to a GP about my issue?

If you have already seen a GP about your problem and need a follow-up appointment, the practice also requests for this to be sent as an online consultation as this allows the patient to include any improvements or a decline in their condition if the treatment has worked as well as if they have done anything else that could cause a change. This also increases continuity and relationships between doctors and patients.

What if my query is not-clinical but needs a clinician?

There is admin related tasks that a GP carrys out, for example, if you require a letter, report or sicknote etc. you can visit our administration page on the best way to arrange this. 

  • Request advice and treatment from our practice online
  • This service is available Monday to Friday from 7:30am until we have reached full capacity


If you need medical attention outside of these hours please complete an online consultation via NHS111


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us at least 30 minutes before in order for us to give the slot to someone else. This can be done either by phone, text message, or your Online Service Provider i.e. Patient Access, The NHS App


Cancel appointments you don't need