How do I see my GP?

All appointment requests, whether done online, through the phone or by visiting the practice, are added to a GP Triage list. This is reviewed by a clinician and a decision is made on how best to deal with your query. This can be a telephone call, video consultation or a face to face appointment with either the practice or the GP Enhanced Service. You will receive a call, text or email (might have to check your junk or spam inbox) to inform you of the decision made. 

I don't want to disclose my issue to the receptionist

We understand you may have a sensitive issue that you do not want to disclose to our receptionists and would recommend you complete an online consultation. However, if you are unable to do this, please be assured our receptionist undergo training to signpost you to the most appropriate healthcare provider.

What if I cannot find a service to help me?

If the alternative options cannot deal with your issue, then the practice requests for an online consultation to be completed. This allows you to include what you have already tried and avoid duplication of treatment. This can be found further on this page.

What if I have already spoken to a GP about my issue?

If you have already seen a GP about your problem and need a follow-up appointment, the practice also requests for this to be sent as an online consultation as this allows the patient to include any improvements or a decline in their condition if the treatment has worked as well as if they have done anything else that could cause a change. This also increases continuity and relationships between doctors and patients.

How does the practice deal with my online consultation?

All appointment requests, whether requested by phone or online are triaged by a GP.

Once the practice has received the online consultation, this is dealt with in the same way as if you had called into the practice. The request is added to our GP Triage list to be actioned, and you will receive further advice or guidance either by a phone call, text or email (you may need to check your junk/spam folder)

The Triage system allows the GP to ensure the right patient is seen by the right healthcare professional at the right time.

By completing an online consultation, you will be allowing patients who may be vulnerable, without access to the internet to contact the surgery through the phone.

What type of appointments are available for me?

The practice offers a mixture of telephone, face to face and video appointments. If the Triage GP has instructed for an appointment you will be advised by the practice the kind of appointment you are being booked for. You can request what type of appointment you want on the online form, and the practice will do its best to accommodate it.

Clinician's may advise you on how to self-care and direct you to the website for further information.

What if my query is not-clinical but needs a clinician?

There is admin related tasks that a GP carrys out, for example, if you require a letter, report or sicknote etc. you can visit our administration page on the best way to arrange this. 

What if I cant get to the surgery?

If you are housebound and in need of clinical assistance, let our receptionists know and you will be added to the triage list, the GP will make a decision based on the history given and may refer you to be seen by the NELFT Rapid Response Team. The GP does not do any home visits outiside the immediate area of the practice.