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Addison Road Medical Practice is a forward thinking and innovative Waltham Forest based GP practice situated in the heart of Walthamstow Village since 1926. We have embraced technology and workforce development to help deliver high quality primary care services. The practice employs 12 permanent GPs and hosts 6 GP registrars who collectively oversee the care of 17 000 patients from its purpose-built building. They are supported by a team of highly skilled allied health professionals including Physiotherapists, Mental Health Practioners,  Pharmacists, GP Assistants, Health and Wellbeing Coaches and Social Prescribers.    

Quick and efficient access to GP services, personalised care and continuity of care are key priorities for the practice. ARMP has pushed the boundaries of what accessible and high-quality GP services looks like using AI powered technology, advanced telephony and a highly skilled and motivated workforce working within a positive and compassionate culture.  

The practice has forged strong working relationships with local stakeholders including the hospital, community services, social care, the council and the voluntary sector to offer all age, proactive and co-ordinated multi-professional care.  The practice has worked closely alongside its patient population to co-produce innovative solutions to its service design and delivery and has frequently engaged its patient population in community led health creation initiatives to tackle local health inequalities and support preventative care. 

The practice’s mission is to provide high quality care for the community with integrity, compassion and trust.     



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